The CodeWriter Programming System
by Cliff Harris

CodeWriter -- The whole package, which includes all of the following files.

CodeWriter 3.3.2 -- The CodeWriter application only. It's a fat application, though the PowerPC version is much improved and extended vs. the 68K version.

128K Trap Macros 2.02 -- The 68K traps found in the 128K ROMs (512Ke and later). Limit your code to these traps and you'll have maximum compatability with the really old Macs. CDS format.

256K+ Traps 2.02 -- 68K traps found in the later ROMs (SE and later).

A-Trap List 2.03 -- A list of A-Traps ($Annn) and the names associated with them. Useful for disassemblies, debugging, etc.

C Routines 1.00 -- A few C routines. Only the most common.

Code Fragments [68K] 1.11 -- A variety of code fragments that I use to perform various functions.

Constants 2.05 -- A bunch of constant declaration equates from Inside Macintosh.

Globals by Address 2.04 -- A list of low memory globals ordered by address.

Globals by Name 2.04 -- A list of low memory globals ordered by name.

HTML Tags 1.01 -- A few HTML tags for use with a text editor.

Pascal Calls 1.06 -- All the Pascal call definitions from Inside Macintosh volumes I through IV.

PowerPC Mnemonics 2.03 -- The PowerPC assembly language mnemonics that are useful to application programmers. The exotic ones you'll never use are not included.

PowerPC Routines 2.11 -- PowerPC assembly language routines. The most common routines are included. Lightsoft (RIP) Fantasm format.

Record Definitions 2.06 -- Just about every record defintion from Inside Macintosh at your fingertips.

Result Codes 2.02 -- A list of result codes with as much information as I could find on each one.

RMaker Templates 1.16 -- All the predefined RMaker templates plus quite a few defined using the GNRL type. For Consulair's RMaker resource creator application.