Macintosh OS 9 Freeware

I know there are plenty of people out there who still run OS 9 and earlier, so I made these old programs available for those folks.

Everything on this page was written in 680x0 or PowerPC assembly language. The result is a program that is super small, loads super fast and runs super fast.
Diccionario 3.1/2.07 -- Spanish-English dictionary application. Has a Find function that can be used to go from English to Spanish. Automagically resizes to fit different size screens. This is a fat application that requires System 7.0 or later. The application version is 3.1 and the data version is 2.07.
Now available as an iPhone app.
QuickLearner 2.7 -- Flash card learning program. Includes 24 Spanish lessons, state capitals and a multiplication table up to 10 x 10. Now also include files from chapters 1 through 17 of Living Language -- German. Uses plain text files so you can create your own lessons. Will work on some really old Macs.
FKEYRunApp Maker 1.0 -- Application that creates FKEYs that run applications or open documents. Also can manipulate FKEYs in the System file, applications or FKEY archives.
Function Key Enabler 1.4 -- System extension that maps FKEYs to function keys. Makes up to 40 FKEYs available, depending on how many function keys your keyboard has.
FKEY Display FKEY 4.4 -- FKEY that displays the FKEYs currently installed. Can display the normal 10 FKEYs or up to 40 FKEYs if extended FKEY numbering is used (works with Function Key Enabler).
ROM Sucker 2.1 -- PowerPC-only Application that displays a list of the resources in your ROM. Creates a ResEdit file with a copy of the resources for your viewing and listening pleasure. Includes Lightsoft Fantasm source code for those who are curious about how it is done.
Disk Head Cleaner 2.0 -- Application that spins the floppy disk drive for 30 seconds after a head cleaning disk is inserted. Sweeps the disk drive head across the cleaning disk for best results.
Left Return 1.0 -- System extension that allows you to emulate the <return> key by pressing <control><option> and another key. Lets you mouse with your right hand and <return> with your left.
FKEYZoom FKEY 1.2 -- FKEY that zooms the currently active window. Works with Mac windows up through OS 9.0 and Aaron windows.
Routine Index 1.1/1.08 --PowerPC application that is an index to the OS and Toolbox routines in Inside Macintosh. Oriented toward PowerPC assembly language programming with Lightsoft's Fantasm. The application version is 1.1 and the data version is 1.08. Updated to Mac OS 8.5.1.
CodeWriter -- Fat application and many database files that are useful to programmers. Concentrates on assembly language programming in 68K assembly language with the Consulair Development System and PowerPC assembly language using Lightsoft's (RIP) Fantasm.
Heap Size Display FKEY 1.1 -- FKEY that displays the amount of heap space taken by the current application. Useful for determining memory requirements for applications.
FKEY Installation with ResEdit -- A tutorial in SimpleText format that explains how to install an FKEY using ResEdit.
Err dcmd 1.2 -- MacsBug dcmd. Returns error message when result code is typed in (decimal or hex). Updated and expanded version of Apple's older Error dcmd (the later versions of MacsBug have a much improved version).
MacsBug Templates 1.01 -- Some useful MacsBug 'mxwt' resources for displaying various records.
PPC Mnemonics Word -- A list of PowerPC assembly language mnemonics in Microsoft Word format.

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