Your iPhone is a necessity that you take wherever you go. Imagine having a Spanish dictionary at your fingertips wherever you happen to be. Now you can have that convenience! iDiccionario goes with you wherever you take your iPhone. Its self-contained database doesn’t need an Internet connection to serve up definitions whenever you need them. That includes on airplanes and other places where there is no cellular connection. You’ll never be at a loss for the meaning of a word no matter where you happen to find yourself.

iDiccionario has definitions for thousands of the most-used words in English and Spanish - words you use every day. There are also thousands of words you need to conduct your business, while traveling, shopping or whatever you are doing. iDiccionario also tells you the meaning of hundreds of idiomatic and colloquial expressions and phrases - those combinations of words that don’t mean anything as individual words but mean everything when put together in that special way.

iDiccionario’s handy letter index feature takes you instantly to the entries for any letter in the Spanish alphabet. You can scroll back to the index at any time by touching the Status Bar (at the top of the screen where the time is displayed). Each word entry’s part of speech (whether it’s a noun, adjective, etc.) is shown in italics so you can tell right away what kind of word it is. The gender of nouns is also shown. This eliminates problems with those confusing words that have only a masculine, feminine or ambiguous form. Verbs are also defined with their transitive, intransitive and reflexive forms to help clarify those expressions that are so mystifying for English speakers.

iDiccionario puts a lot of Spanish word power in the palm of your hand. Available on the App Store right now.

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A couple of screen shots from iDiccionario.

The left one is the home screen where you start from.

The right picture shows what the symbols and punctuation look like.

Some hints:
Touch the Status Bar (at the top, where the time is displayed) to scroll back to the top.

The version format is M.m.DD:
     M is the major version
     m is the minor version
     DD is the version of the iDiccionario text

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